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Built with mobile cloud and location tracking technology found in popular rideshare and delivery apps, ParkedAuto makes servicing your car or truck as easy as ordering takeout. Learn more below and download the app today!

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We know you have better things to do than burn hours of your day connecting with dealerships and dropping your car off for a tune-up. Communicating with service agents about fixes, preventative maintenance, and quotes over the phone can also be a time-consuming and overwhelming chore.

With ParkedAuto on your device, everything from vehicle pick-up and drop-off to maintenance review and payment can be done in minutes without having to change your personal schedule.

How It Works (In 4 Steps)

1. Sign Up

No need to enter your info every single time you use a dealership’s online booking tool. Download the app and create a secure user profile once with your contact information, vehicle(s) info, and photos of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and VIN number.

2. Pick a Dealership

Avoid scheduling time for travel and drop-off. Choose your preferred dealership in the ParkedAuto app based on your criteria (proximity, rating, etc). Book your desired service such as an oil change, select a pick-up spot most convenient for you, and a technician will collect your keys and vehicle. Monitor the journey to the service centre in real-time using the in-app tracker.

3. Service Your Vehicle

No need to wait at the service centre or talk about progress with an agent over the phone. A qualified technician at the dealership will perform your service and provide you direct messages with updates in-app. If an unexpected issue is spotted, the technician will provide you with photos and recommendations for you to review and approve.

4. Vehicle Return

Once work is completed, confirm your preferred drop-off spot and ParkedAuto will track your vehicle’s journey back, notifying you upon its arrival. Parts and labour are itemized for your records with payments completed within the app. To ensure the longevity of your car or truck, ParkedAuto offers reminders for when your vehicle is due for another scheduled service.

Get your car serviced, wherever you are

You have better things to do than wait around to get an oil change! Quickly connect to nearby dealerships so you can get your car serviced and go about your day at the same time. ParkedAuto is the best choice for easy and convenient on-the-go car service.

Save Time

We look after your vehicle so you can get on with your day.

Quality Service

Your vehicle is always serviced by qualified technicians.


We send in-service updates & recommendations.


Once your service is complete, we will deliver your vehicle back to you.

Real Time

Location sharing for quick vehicle pick-up and drop-off.

We are currently in Innisfail, Alberta. Check back for new locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work directly with our dealer partners and shadow their operating hours. However, based on app usage, we are able to track when people are more inclined to do automotive services and want to help them improve their customer service by having the most convenient hours for ParkedAuto customers.

When allowing dealerships to transport your vehicle you are transferring your insurance coverage to the dealership driver. So, your covered in any accidents etc. While it is in the dealership’s possession, it is the dealerships responsibility to take care of your vehicle. Drivers will complete walk-around pictures of your vehicle and do their absolute best to return it in the condition it was picked up. However, things can happen. We plan to partner with outstanding dealerships that stand behind their work and will be responsible for any mishaps.

No, our communication platform connects you directly to the service advisor who is looking after your vehicle. If you do want to call the dealership, there is a link with their phone number directly inside the app.

It will take a minimum of 1 hour to complete the service. Then, it depends on how far away from the service center you are.  An updated ETA will be sent to you once the service is started and you can track the driver as it is being driven. We ask dealer partners to get your vehicle back to you withing 2 hours of pick up. If your needs change, just call the dealership and they will arrange alternative options for you

No problem, you can update your location before the driver heads back to you

You are able to send a notification or call the dealership directly at anytime right in the app. Dealership partners will be happy to assist and get your vehicle back to you right away. There will be a $9.99 service charge if the service was not completed. The good news is we will credit that back the next time you book a service.

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to pay any exit costs from parking garages etc. When booking the service, please notify the dealership representative in the “Special Instructions“ Section. Drivers are more than willing to return the vehicle to the parking garage and leave any tickets on the passenger seat or dash (depending on instructions) as long as there is no charge for entering the garage.

We are currently working with parking organizations to assist with this matter. It is our hope to be able to provide a pick up and drop off service as seamlessly as possible and hope to have strategic partnerships in place soon.

Before you book your service, a total amount will be displayed (including GST). Dealerships pay a fee per transaction to use the mobile application but that is absorbed in the price. There are no surprise charges!

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